Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hump Day Distractions (Beach Bum Ed.)

Use SPF. No doubt.
Well it's a good thing I'm blogging about sunshine this week because the real world is giving me nothing but rain! It's been a rather grey May here in NYC so my fingers are crossed for a bright and sunny June. In case your week-before-the-long-weekend is going as slowly as mine is, here are some distractions to get you over the hump!

* I am shore you are going to sea the humor in THIS.
* Send some seasonal wit and sarcasm to your best buddy's inbox.
* Hooray! A way to get your bod bikini ready without giving up brownies (Weight Watchers points plus value included!)
* Show off some awesome tats at the beach.
* Want to throw the chicest BBQ on the block? Chill the water with THIS (or THIS) and wow your guests pre-burgers and dogs with THIS and THIS.
* Because a pint just isn't big enough to share (and some roommates cannot be trusted!)
* A genius trick for your at-home experimentation with neon nail polish? 
* I don't go to the movies very often in the summer, but for a new Wes Anderson flick, I might have to make an exception (love me some Bill Murray!)
* BONUS Distraction: This one's for you Sis.

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