Monday, May 14, 2012

Bigger is Better?

I'm feeling sleepy...
What size bed do you have? Dr. H and I are queen sleepers, but we've spent the past 5 nights in a hotel sleeping like kings (literally) and I must admit... it's been pretty great. Gone are the battles over tucked (me) vs. sloppy (him) covers and random bent elbows (his) and knees (mine) have not inflicted any pain. On the flip side however, the king bed has allowed me so much space every night that it's almost like I'm sleeping alone! There's no snuggling, no spooning, no contact of any kind!

Dr. H contends that king beds, though glamorous and very comfortable are bad for business because you're just too far apart from one another (note: he's not the one taking elbows to the eye) but I'm not convinced... bed-mate bliss might be well rested spouses snoozing in peace on their own side of the mattress! Do you think it's better to be cozy in a queen or living large in a king?
Stow aways from San Diego 
PS: Today at Sea World Dr. H won Pedro, a sa-weet penguin by tossing a softball into a milk pot (it was amazing). Wish us luck getting home!

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