Monday, May 7, 2012

Have you heard about...

Oh darling, you must tell me more..!
Hello there my merry friends! I hope your weekend was fabulous and that your case of the Mondays is not too severe. To kick the new week off right, I think it's time to deliver a second installment of "Have you heard about". So here are a few things that seem to be getting quite a bit of buzz lately. Check em out and be in the know:)

Who's that girl..?
Are you watching New Girl Tuesday nights on Fox? You really should be. New Girl was initially plugged as a show about an "adorkable" young girl (eye roll) moving in with three random male roommates, but 20+ episodes later, it's left cheesy stereotypes behind for  legit hysterical episodes every week. Zooey Deschanel is great, but what really makes the show work is the ensemble. Every character (especially Schmidt, played by Max Greefield) is pause the dvr, rewind and watch that again funny. The season finale is this week, but I think this show is well worth your Netflix/On Demand/re-runs time!

Showering just got SO much easier
Have you heard about dry shampoo? Far from a new product, dry shampoo has left the confines of hospitals and nursing homes to become a staple every woman should have in her hair care arsenal. Dry shampoo allows me to skip washing and styling for 2 or 3 days at a time which not only is a huge time saver, but my hair is healthier and shinier thanks to less hot water and time under the blow drier. My personal favorite is Oscar Blandi but there are tons of products out there to try... so stop over-washing and get yourself a shower in a can!

Words With Friends is soooo 5 minutes ago...
As if we needed ANOTHER reason to be addicted to our cell phones, Scramble with Friends is the new game all the cool kids seem to be playing. Over three timed rounds you challenge a buddy (or a stranger, no I am not embarrassed to confess my appetite for this game is so intense I've played against strangers!) to see who can find more words within the scramble of letters arranged on the screen. Far less drawn out than scrabble's Words With Friends, Scramble is the perfect App for keeping your face in your phone even more than you already do. Go download it!

They take Instagram-y pictures, obvi they're cool
Have you heard about The Lumineers? Brought to my attention by the music loving Rachel of Black Eiffel (her Music Mondays are a personal favorite!) I'm digging their Mumford-esque easy listening sound. This group is no doubt on the rise and I'm already looking forward to picnicking on the grass outside their Central Park show on a gorgeous summer evening. (PS- just discoved they're going to be on Conan TONIGHT!? How ahead of the curve are WE!?) 

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