Thursday, May 17, 2012

What would you be willing to do...

...for a totally FABULOUS pair of shoes? I recently found myself waiting in line at 7am... in the rain... for three and a half hours(!) on a quest for Christian Louboutin shoes at sample sale prices. Sample sales range from “hot mess in vacant storefront” to “invitation-only female feeding frenzy”, boasting designer brands at dramatically discounted prices. I frequent sample sales as a way to satisfy my high fashion obsession on a slightly more modest budget. For louboutins, I stood with hundreds of women, unfazed by the weather, the wait time or the snooty chicks with clipboards, hoping for a chance to find red bottomed beauties in my price range.

Maybe your head over heels (hehe) love isn’t shoes, but everyone has their thing... fans who pitch tents to get tickets to that concert or game or the latest Apple gadget... When you find a way to get the object of your lust, I think the effort can make the reward even more fabulous.

Sadly, I never made it into the Louboutin sample sale. As VIP after VIP was escorted to the front of the line, the work day crept up on me and I surrendered in defeat (damn you maturity and a sense of obligation to my career!) Perhaps I will be lucky enough to be on “the Louboutin list” again someday and you better believe that next time, I’ll be there at 6am:) Image here.

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