Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lookin just beachy...

quintessential beach beauty
One of the best things about summer is how much less effort is required to face the day. There's no other season where I can get dressed in literally 2 minutes (sundress, sandals, done!) let my hair air dry (see you next fall straightener) and pack for a weekend getaway in an oversized purse (goodbye bulky sweaters and boots!) Though I'm far from a fashion expert, I am a pro at scouring blogs and magazines for hot styles and great deals, so here are a few ideas which will have you giving Marilyn a run for her money.

Neon. Neon. Neon.
Pink, orange, yellow, green... Much to Dr. H's dismay, for this summer neon is in and the brighter the better. Since fluorescent colors can be so, well, fluorescent, start with an accent like nail polish (I love Short Shorts by Esse), jewelry or a pair of sunnies, and work your way up.

she wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie...
Polka dots are the perfect print for summer. Classic on a bikini, crafty on your nails or flirty as a dress, put some polka in your closet and wear the timeless piece for years to come!

Anchor yourself with seaside accessories.
Anchors symbolize strength and stability which is the perfect yin to their summery fun yang. Shop etsy for awesome handcrafted options or J Crew to perfect your prep.

"brimming" with beach sexiness!
Beach hats are the best. It's a chance to bust out your glam side with a big brim, your indie side with a fedora or keep it simple with a hat supporting your favorite team. Adventure outside your headwear comfort zone shopping HERE or HERE or consider an NYC street vendor for awesome options at ridiculously good prices!

Ooooh that smell... can you smell that smell!?
There is nothing sexy about a sunburn, so start your day with something strong and waterproof and reapply like crazy! For those lucky enough to brown over burn, throw in a reapply or two with my favorite sunscreen and you'll be a bronze beauty in no time!

See ya later shower!!
Is there a product out there that "styles" your hair as beautifully as ocean salt and a beachy breeze!? Summer hair is messy, carefree and fun so abandon your attempts to secure every flyaway and enjoy the hairdryer hiatus!

I said I was gonna get a pair... and I did.
(Cheap via a Prince St. vendor or HERE for only a few $ more)
The quintessential summer accessory, leave your standard pair of sunnies at home and go crazy with neon wayfarers, oversize frames or just have a little heart:)

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