Friday, May 11, 2012

I got it from my mama.

Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day Gift
So true.
I love my mom. And though I think Mother's Day has evolved into a mostly commercial holiday, I love the idea of a day where we all pause to acknowledge the women in our lives who have taken on the awesome responsibility of motherhood. Whether it's a grandma (love you Nanny!), a mommy-in-law (I've got two!) a friend who is a mother or a woman who has always been like a mom to you, this Sunday, be sure to remind her just how much better your life is thanks to her. 

Consider the classic gesture of permanent ink to declare your love (faux tributes also accepted).

Click HERE for awesome free tattoo
 printables (and where to by the tattoo paper!)
Be sure to take a moment to tell your mom all the reasons why you think she is the best.
Mother's Day Newspaper
You're never too old for a thoughtful craft!
Skip the long waits and lousy pre fixe menus. Invite mom over for a delicious homemade brunch or go to her and serve it up in bed (Bonus: you can stay in your sweatpants!)
Happy Mother's Day
Click HERE for some amazing brunch recipes
Click HERE for the awesome toothpick flag printables
* Grab your tissues and watch this AMAZING mom-loving commercial.
* Prepare to laugh. Hard. 50 shades of hard...

Thank you moms for being you.

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