Monday, April 30, 2012

Destination Newport.

The Cliff Walk - Newport, RI / I heart New England.
Now that the season for chilly weekend getaways has passed us by, it's time to chat about spring/summer destinations (nothing beats the Mondays better than dreaming about a Friday!) Though I'd never visited before last summer, I've been to Newport, Rhode Island three times this year and I'm in lurve. From the stunning and outdoorsy Cliff Walk, to the  ridiculously fresh seafood and bumpin bar scene, Newport is my new favorite mini-adventure!

Plenty of good meals to be eaten at places like The Mooring (go for the lobster, crab and shrimp doughnuts, stay for the excellent martinis), and get your fresh air/"I did something active today" fix by walking (and at times rock hopping) on the infamous Newport Cliff Walk.
The lobster roll (bottom) was tasty, but the lobster grilled cheese
(top) really took me to culinary heaven (eaten on Bowen's Wharf)
You can shop for adorable knickknacks (unsurprisingly, I am a "chachki" junkie), jewelry, and preppy nautical themed apparel for hours (my heaven) or go for a boat cruise around the harbor and coast.
Don't forget your Topsiders!
And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Newport has an awesome drink/dance/party scene. It's a city filled with people chilling (jazz festival) getting fresh air (sailboat racing) or celebrating (bachelorette parties, weddings, reunions) and the restaurants and bars set a perfect scene for everything from sunset cocktails to late night dance parties. Newport is a historical town by the sea that adores cocktails, celebrations, outdoor adventurers and relaxation... are you packing your bags yet?
Love me a good music festival (on the water = even better!)

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