Monday, April 23, 2012

Puppy love or lack thereof?

I want to hug you and love you and snuggle you silly.
I want a puppy. Like really, seriously want a puppy. I grew up with dogs and when I think of a home and a family, there's always a four-legged buddy in the picture. Dr. H however, has no puppy love. Raised pet-free, Dr. H sees dogs as substantial decisions with little return on investment (silly Dr. H!)

To his credit, hubs has agreed to eventually welcome a dog into our home (and for that I'm very grateful) however when is a constant subject of debate. We both feel very strongly (me = next spring; him = let's talk about this never) and it seems like we've reached a pretty serious stalemate. What do we do!? I respect and appreciate all of his concerns, however I tooooootally disagree! 

How do you not love that face!? Those wrinkles!!!!
How do you and your significant other find compromise in moments of such staunch disagreement? I really want to meet Dr. H (with a dog) in the middle, but we're sitting so far apart! I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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