Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time to come clean.

Maybe if my shower were more glam,
I'd hop in more often... (Naaaaah)
Confession time people. I gots to know... how often do you shower? Are you an every single day, sometimes more than once-r, or are you like me, living life on the (slightly!) dirtier side?

Given that this is a "safe place," I'm not afraid to admit that I do not always shower daily and I actively try to avoid washing my hair more than four days per week. Are you totally grossed out yet? Allow me explain. First and foremost, I always shower if I'm actually, visibly dirty (and/or stinky). At the end of a hot day, after a workout, after coming into contact with something nasty, a shower is always in order. I do not however, feel that way every day, so once or twice a week I give the tub a break. Not only is hot water incredibly drying for your skin (and over-washing will reek havoc on your dye job) but honestly, showering can be so freakin' annoying!! There's all that washing and rinsing, and it's so cold when you get out, and then you have to lotion and comb and style... grooooan!!! I am 100% certain that the mornings I spend in bed instead of the shower are the far superior use of my time.

Am I your new Josie Grossie? Are you actually wondering if maybe you can smell me through your monitor? I promise, you can't... I wear really nice perfume:)

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