Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Treat.

My sister makes every birthday extra "sweet"...
...she wraps up dessert with ease! (it's my blog, I get to brag:)
I am a foodie. As I've mentioned once or twice before (hehe) I love to eat and cook. Where I fall short in the kitchen however is when it comes to dessert. I'm a lover of ice cream over most baked goods and Betty Crocker I am not. Sis is a marvel when it comes to sweet treats, but I need to keep it simple. I try to select easy recipes that have some sort of "wow" factor to distract you from the fact that the core ingredients probably came out of a box. So here are a few super easy, but sure to impress ideas for your next "I'll bring dessert" moment. 

Bite sized banana splits!
Perfect for a dinner party and so CUTE to serve

From Pillsbury pre-made to blooming beauty

"Awesomeness in a pan"
It's all about the (chocolate, candy, pre-made) ingredients! 

I'll make the cobbler AND bring the ice cream!

Bake (buy!?) cake; cover in candy; tie with a bow...
that's my kinda dessert!
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  1. Hey Meri! I made that last cake for Tim about 2 years ago - I love to bake, but this was really easy! It looks really impressive too :)