Thursday, April 5, 2012

Matzah, eggs, brunch and bunnies...

Egg for Easter = somehow associated with "hunting" (and a bunny?)
Egg for Passover = the only thing at seder I know I will eat
The spring time religious holidays have arrived and though they don't seem to garner the same excitement or fanfare as their winter counterparts (how come December is the "holiday season"?) that doesn't mean we can't have a little Passover/Easter merriment around here! Before you relax with your [4 cups of wine, marshmallow twists and Charlton Heston] OR [bunnies, baskets of chocolate and egg dying] check out these holiday inspired links:

A recipe for "k for p" potato gnocchi HERE
And check out the sweet potato version HERE

THIS recipe is for those looking to up their "matzah pizza" game
(Might be tasty with meat if you're like me and "keep" Passover but don't keep kosher!) 
Come day three of Passover, not only am I'm making "crumby" holiday jokes (you know what I'm talking about fellow matzah eaters!) but I'm also thoroughly stumped as to what to cook. It's not that I eat SO much bread, pasta and corn normally, it's that forbidding them suddenly presents an extra challenge. This year "lasagna" and gnocchi are definitely going to be on the menu.

Everything is better when it glows in the dark
In college I helped my roommate's parents set up an Easter Egg Hunt in our dorm room, but beyond that, my participation in this tradition has been fairly limited. So while I don't claim to be an expert, I'm fairly certain that adding a glow-in-the-dark element would be pretttttty fantastic.

I mean... this is just a great presentation idea

These little bunnies are Easter-awesome
and also baby shower/kid birthday party approved
No matter what you're celebrating this weekend, I recommend you start the day with this delicious (and totally genius!) breakfast idea.
How have I never thought to do THIS?

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