Monday, April 9, 2012

The Great Hill.

My bike was not this chic,  but it was a champion
Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in NYC. Dr. H announced that he wanted to go for a run in the park and I immediately decided to grab a bike and do some outdoor exercise as well. Though we once circled Central Park running together, it's been (only?!) eight weeks since my knee reconstruction and biking is all I'm "up to". Determined to enjoy the spring air, I took off on the 6 mile loop, including The Great Hill in the park's northwest corner. Initially nervous to leave the security of a timed ride on a stationary bike behind, I'm happy to report that I hauled my booty up that hill and have lived to tell the tale.

For me, yesterday was a mini-milestone. It's not that riding a bike up The Great Hill was particularly remarkable (just ask the people whisking past me!), but it was a small goal and a small victory and achieving it rocked. So, take a moment this week to find your own Great Hill and celebrate (with Tasti D-light?!) when you reach the top of it. It doesn't matter if anyone else thinks the milestone is a big deal, all that matters is how the accomplishment feels to you. Happy riding!

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