Friday, April 20, 2012

A serious case of The Eats

Talking & Eating. Two of my favorite things!
Do you ever get "The Eats"? The Eats are more than being hungry, The Eats are when you eat and eat and eat... and somehow, you're STILL hungry! This week I gots a serious case of The Eats  (perhaps because I consumed my body weight in delicious dishes last weekend!?) so I'm thinking that a trip to one of my favorite NYC spots might be exactly what I need to calm the beast (aka, my stomach). 

Chat 'n Chew is where you go if you want some down, dirty and delicious home cooking. Located just off Union Square on 16th btw B'way and 5th, the restaurant is awesomely casual, reasonably priced and a great choice for big groups. The vibe is retro-divebar-chic and just when you thought it couldn't get any better... they have outdoor seating!!
There's often a wait; that's what the bar is for!

The worst part about going to Chat n' Chew is actually deciding what to eat. There are SO. MANY. AWESOME. DISHES. and like the glutton that I am, I dig their ridiculously huge portions. MENU highlights include:

The "Quintessential Macaroni & Cheese"
This might be my favorite mac cheese in all of NYC which you know coming from me, means a lot. Crunchy on top, loaded with cheese inside, I struggle to ever order anything else!

Yes, yes that is chicken fried steak.
TV Dinner: Chicken fried steak, green bean casserole & skin-on "smashies" with country gravy. I mean.... 

Cajun Catfish po'boy: warm loaf with lettuce, tomato and 
Old Bay tartar. Not surprisingly, their fries are also epic.
I also love (but can't find images of): Thanksgiving On A Roll (Fresh roast turkey, awesome stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on ciabatta); Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf (with skin-on smashies with mushroom gravy & garden veggies); and Panchos Nachos Grandito (with all the works). If you aren't actually salivating by now, I'm not sure you're human.

As for sweet treats, I must confess that I have never made it to dessert at Chat n' Chew (if that's not a sign of awesome food, I don't know what is!) but I can tell you from watching them go by, that the menu has plenty to offer.
That'll do it.

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