Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do you dare to bare?

A story:  I’m sitting on a bench in the locker room at the gym and the chick standing next to me (who is in the process of getting dressed) leans over to pick something up. I’m sitting, she’s standing, and now she’s bending over = eye level full moon. Wow. Later that same visit, a woman blow drying her hair topless strikes up conversation with me and I’m all “trying to keep eye contact… but your boobs… so… right… THERE!”

How do you handle yourself in the locker room? Are you always in a towel wiggling your gym clothes up and down or do you strut your stuff without caring who sees? Are there any boundaries or rules we’re supposed to be adhering to?! I am not embarrassed by nudity (and see nothing wrong with baring all in places like locker rooms) but are we chatting nude? Do we bend over and reach up and walk around? I know that these issues are not strictly female either thanks to a male friend who once told me about a sitting (dressed) vs standing (nude) locker room encounter he had with a buddy’s dad (and I thought I had eye contact issues!) I guess we all just have to grin and bare it:)

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