Friday, April 6, 2012

We're in a pickle (and we like it).

The cucumber's sexier cousin
Confession: Dr. H and I are addicted to pickles. And this isn't just a favorite snack or passing fad... we eat So. Many. Pickles. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, last weekend we went to the farmer's market on the upper west side (awesome stuff, check it out) and this happened:
Ooooh yeah.
The reason we needed two tubs was (a) these were actually purchased from two different pickle vendors; and (b) all pickle connoisseurs know that you cannot mix your sours with your half sours. It's a pickle juice thing.

We think pickles are great for lots of reasons: they are flavorful, healthy, cheap and can serve as a delightful snack or awesome side dish. Dr. H and I rock a little pre-dinner pickle while we cook (or wait for takeout!) nearly every night because its the perfect light nosh to hold you over until chow time. Most people either love pickles or hate them, but we no doubt  are lovers. So happy weekend, happy holidays and happy pickles to all!

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