Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking for tips...

Does anyone else feel totally clueless about “the art” of tipping? For me, tipping is one of the most confusing and stressful transactions that I have to face on a regular basis. When to tip someone and how much is appropriate are mysteries which I have yet to solve and it makes me BONKERS! No matter how many manicures I go for, I always have a momentary panic as I stare at the bill and try to determine an adequate tip on the $8 service. And what about the guy who comes to fix your cable or the cab driver who got you to the airport ($50) in the same amount of time it took the last cabbie to get you downtown during rush hour ($15)? I’m grateful for set rules in places like restaurants because everything else seems like a discretionary free for all! I’m more than happy to tip well for exemplary service, but how do I figure out what “tipping well” is!?

Do you have any tricks (or tips!?) for determining when and how much when it comes to tipping? Do you agree with THESE suggestions? Until someone gives me a rule, the chick who washes my hair at the salon will continue making a mint off my visits… but honestly, those scalp massages might just be worth it :)

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