Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hump Day Distractions.

No way this is Abe approved. (Do you get it?!)
Today is hump day for some, or Friday for others (aka, ME!) No matter what day you're living, here are some goodies from around the web to make it just a little bit more awesome!

* One can never have enough fruit/slushy cocktail recipes heading into 4th of July weekend (AmIRight!?)
* Ladies, are we going to finally be able to say goodbye to plastic applicators (boo environment!) and diaper-esque maxipads?! Maybe...!
* How does your home state rank? (Not too shabby NY!)
* Chrissy Teigen and her tits are awesome (literally. NSFW!)
* Some more red, white and blue outfit inspiration.
* An interesting (and noble) solution to a sports-related transgender question I've been asking. 
* I'm a sucker for simple, open-faced fresh tomato sandwiches.
* You're about to feel very old.

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