Monday, July 20, 2015

You're never too old for something new (to eat!)

I really like cherries, who knew? (not me!)
How often do you try a new food or re-try a food you've always written off as something you don't like? I am always happy to taste something brand new, but I've also made it a habit to regularly revisit foods I "don't like" to make sure that I still don't like them! This may sound strange, but it's important to try foods over and over again because science has shown that our tastebuds actually change over time!

I was first amazed by this tastebud evolution in college... My roommate "introduced" me to strawberries (how was there ever a time that I didn't LOVE strawberries!?) and the little lady I used to babysit was responsible for my "discovery" of delicious broccoli ("if you try it, I'll try it" she said. So we both did, and we both liked it!!) In recent years, I've shed my "picky eater" skin, eating mussels, lobster, brussels sprouts, almonds, cherries and countless other foods, all thanks to re-trying them. No luck yet with peanut butter, but perhaps there's still hope that I'll enjoy my first ever PB&J someday? So next time you go to pass on a food you think you dislike, consider giving it another chance... the results may pleasantly (and tastily!?) surprise you!!

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  1. So interesting and makes so much sense! I should try brussels sprouts again...I want to like them so much but for some reason I don't. Kisses, sweetie