Monday, July 27, 2015

in sickness & in health.

This is the easy part...
We have all heard the traditional wedding vow, that moment in the ceremony when the husband and wife to-be promise to love and support one another in sickness and in health. The promise is quickly made, for most a distant thought in that moment of love and celebration. For me, there was no contemplation of the depth of this promise or to how it would extend well beyond my husband to also include "his people", all of whom were about to become "my people" by marriage.

And then last week, Dr. H flew to Florida to be beside a beloved one of "his people" who was ill. Though the prognosis was optimistic, nothing is for sure when you're 88 years old and suffer a heart attack and a fall. Dr. H's Nana, my Nana, needed support and love, optimism and distraction. He went and I soon followed, to do our best navigating this uncharted territory, invoking that (fortunately) little needed portion of our vows. 

Today, Nana is without question on the mend and Dr. H and I are one "life's challenge" deeper into our journey as husband and wife... I saw a new side of my fierce love for my husband and we both discovered a new dimension to how we compliment one another. Most importantly though, we learned just how much we're there, in sickness and in health, for each other and our people. 


  1. So glad she is doing better and you made me cry reading your beautiful post, darling. Love! xoxo

  2. Thank you for the sweet note Diana! xox