Friday, July 10, 2015

They say it's your birthday...

I love emojis!!
... well maybe not your birthday, but MINE! Yaya! I love birthdays and even at the unexciting and definitively adult-ish age of 31, I'm enjoy celebrating another year hear on earth, doin my thang.

30 was a freakin hell of a year for me. I made a ton of professional changes that at times nearly sent me off a cliff, but I came through feeling so much stronger, happier and confident about what I'm capable of accomplishing. 30 also proved, more than ever before, that I have the most incredible community of people around me, cheering for me, encouraging me, supporting me and lifting me up when I need a boost. To my amazing friends, my family and my beloved Dr. H, thank you. Thank you for making 30 so damn good. 

So here's to another year. Here's to the challenges I know I'll face and those that will come out of no where. Here's to laughing with my husband and hugging my best friends. To delicious food, family celebrations, growth, acceptance, love and fun. Cheers!

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