Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The "One Chore a Day" Challenge

Master of the clothing piles!
Recently, the "basic organization" situation in my apartment has become a bit, errrr, dire. Having missed spring cleaning entirely, I now find myself existing amongst a sea of piles. The piles consist of everything from clothing, which I long ago gave up on finding a proper home for (since my dresser and closet require a hazmat suit) to homegoods (where do YOU keep your spiralizer and funky shaped gold flower vases!?) The need for a good overhaul/goodwill deposit is so far overdue that the idea seems like a fantasy (I had an actual dream where my apartment was spic and span which made waking up the nightmare...) This is why I have adopted the "One Chore a Day" Challenge for the month of July.

I once read that the best way to tackle a big project, especially housework, is to break it down into smaller projects that you can complete individually. This gives you a personal sense of accomplishment and progress while avoiding the overwhelmed feeling that a big task can create. Starting on Saturday, I have tackled one small project each day, first removing the piles of laundry from the corner of my bedroom and now organizing my dresser drawers, 1 at a time. This strategy has translated to about 20 minutes of "chores" per day which can easily be managed while on the phone or as a break from work (#WorkingFromHomeForTheWin) 

At this rate, I hope to get through all the tasks on my list in about a month (I'm comin for you kitchen pantry!) and I won't ever have to give up a full day of fun in order to play Cinderella. It's the "One Chore a Day" Challenge for the month of July. Who's with me!?!

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  1. It works so well to break it down into smaller daily projects. I've been doing the same thing and I love how productive I feel. Good luck, love. Kisses