Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

Car Humor.
Are you sweating yet!? Is it hot enough out there for ya!? For those not residing in NYC, you should know that we're currently enduring a bit of 90+ degree heat here which goes perfectly with pavement and steel skyscrapers don't you think!? Here to help you pass the time while you hide in the air conditioning are some delightful distractions from around the web. Stay cool my friends!

* The always lovely Reese Witherspoon has launched a clothing/home goods brand called Draper James. I want everything. EVERYTHING.
* What if we covered teaching the way we cover sports? This sketch is pretty damn hysterical.
* This grilled corn salad recipe is actually making my mouth water. May have to whip it up this weekend!!
* How to get a soft, stretched braid from my go-to DIY hairstyle video source, Small Things Blog.
* Some great tips for dining out with tiny humans.
* Mark your calendars people, Broadway Week is coming (that means 2 for 1 tickets!!!)
* Toronto, you are amazing (ps- sorry if I shared this already, I can't remember. I blame the heat)

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  1.'s hot hot hot! I love that braid hairdo...So sassy :) Have a great morning, love.