Thursday, July 9, 2015

This, that and another thing...

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Today is gloomy and grey in NYC and it's the kind of humid out that makes you feel greasy and frizzy the moment you step outside. Other than the subtle coolness to the air that this morning's rain shower provided, it's gross. 

Stop. I'm blogging about the weather. #ThisIs80?

Anyways, I've got a few interesting tid bits for you today.

First, you must read this book. The Luckiest Girl Alive is not a literary masterpiece, but the story is gripping, the language is fast and I've been glued to it since I started reading 3 days ago (and for me to read more than 5-10 pages a day when I'm not on a vacation means the book is GOOD). I first heard about the now super-hot summer read from Reese Witherspoon's Instagram (if you don't follow her, you should. She's adorable and has admirable work-hustle!) because Reese's production company has apparently optioned the book, but now everyone's talking about it and I know why. The Luckiest Girl Alive's vapid, twisted, glamorous, accurate, scary, sad, tale will grip you. I'm almost to the end and counting down the minutes until I can ditch work and get back to my book (#shamelessbookworm) Read it!!!

Next, check out this interesting short video on why sticking your feet out from under the blanket is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep. I'm particularly fasincated by this bc one of my three nearly-mandatory pre-sleep routine positions is "frogging to the left" with my left foot sticking out from under the covers. Science. Whoa.

Lastly, speaking of IG, you really should be following the adorable account I recently discovered, @miniperspective. It's just little Lego guys in all sorts of places in witty poses. It makes me smile every time it pops up in my feed and smiling is the best so follow them!!

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