Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goldilocks and the 4th of July Weekend

Aren't we all in search of "just right!?"
Dr. H and I have no idea what we're doing for July 4th weekend. As a friend kindly pointed out this morning, yes we know that it is 48(ish) hours away, but alas, we have no plans. We had plans, but unfortunately they unexpectedly fell apart, so now we are back to square one, a location we have not accepted lightly.

Last night, Dr. H and I spent over 4 hours scouring the internet and exploring the globe for a 4th of July destination.  Like Ms. Goldilocks, we are willing to try just about anything, but unfortunately everything is "not quite right". Coastal Europe? Too expensive. Vieques, Puerto Rico? Too much travel to get there. Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota? Not enough time to properly plan. Everywhere on the US eastern seaboard? Booked. Solid.

So here we are, about 36 hours from our first scheduled vacation day and still in search of the vacation that will be "just right". Maybe it'll be day trips to hike/beach capped off with evenings in an empty city dining at all the hot spots normally packed with New Yorkers. Maybe it will be the waterpark capital of the world. Maybe it'll be Mexico. Who knows? Whatever we ultimately select, with Dr. H by my side, I'm sure it will be juuuuust right (awww:).

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  1. Chicago!! You can watch the fireworks over the lake :) We were lucky enough to be there for the 4th six years ago and had an awesome time.