Monday, June 8, 2015


Someone please find my charger.
Today I have a massive case of the Mondays, which set in early yesterday when I woke up with a pit in my stomach, already dreading the start of the week, a condition I like to call "the Sundays". I'm doing everything I can to combat the work week blues, including treating myself to these stunnas for the corner of my desk:
Bodega Blooms for the Win!
For the past month, I have spent nearly every spare minute I have with loved ones celebrating graduations, engagements, babies, weddings, bar mitzvahs and plain old friendship. It's been immensely fun and totally exhausting... A glance at my summer calendar leaves me clinging to the few open weekends that remain, once again adopting a "plan to make no plans" because it's gotten to the point where I feel like I'm moving so quickly from one place to the next that I'm not fully enjoying being where I am while I'm there. As a person who rarely says "no" and is always up for an adventure, this is probably one of my greatest struggles... I feel so fortunate to have amazing people to love and occasions to celebrate, but sometimes I need to remind myself to just stop and smell the bodega flowers. Good thing peonies are in season:)


  1. I have this same exact problem! Love those peonies :)

  2. Oh yes, sometimes it's good to just "be" and those peonies are so amazing, sweetie. Have a great day!