Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

This is amazing (also, mildly terrifying.)
Hello hello my merry friends and welcome to our first sunny, June, Hump Day! We've had some late-to-the-party April showers (and temperatures) in NYC so far this week, but today the sun returned and I can tell we'll be feeling summery again in no time! I'm also super pumped to share that while I was non-posting on Monday, my beloved sis was becoming Dr. Sis, officially now a DDS!!! Move over Dr. H, there's a new (and possibly more legitimate!?) Dr. in Merry Blog town:) Here to get us through the day and one minute closer to Friday are your web-sourced goodies and distractions. Enjoy!

* This is a gut-wrenchingly beautiful must-read from Sheryl Sandberg on the recent loss of her husband and the importance of choosing Option B.
* I'm ready. Take me to the natural swimming pool.
* You absolutely must check out the exPress-o's amazing series on adoption. Whether you're considering it, resorting to it, never imagined it or have lived it, these stories from adoptive mothers and fathers will open your eyes to the deep truth that parenthood really is about love, not genetics.
* Holy awesome sneakers! (And thanks to Mom for the find:)
* This is the kitchen that my apartment dweller dreams are made of. 
* A playful and easy-to-make antipasto, perfect for your next backyard BBQ.

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