Monday, June 29, 2015

Mother Nature you Mother *bleeeeeeep*-er

Sunshine Spotted (1 hr before it was time to go home)
Greetings friends and lovers from sunny and temperate New York. So sunny in fact, that one would never even guess that it rained here ALL WEEKEND, or wait, I stand corrected, until about 4pm yesterday... just in time for you to pack back into the car, say "adios!" to your beach-weekend accommodations and curse the weather gods for this unfortunate turn of events. 
(#Bitter #AtLeasttheTriptoTargetwasfun?!)

Because holding a grudge never made anything better (other than being a delightful outlet for my twisted, dark emotions...) I thought we should kick off the week by focusing on the END of the week and the upcoming July 4th holiday. I LOVE July 4th because it's summer, sunshine (hopefully!), BBQ, fireworks... do I have to continue?! Here to kick off our holiday week are some essentials of the red white and blue variety. Enjoy!

This is one of those crafts that's going to get you a LOT of oohs, ahhhs and "how do you have the times!?" but in truth, it's super easy and adorable to look at. Paper cones, cupcake liners and star stickers are the essential items needed to make these adorable patriotic treat cones... plus of course your favorite surprise sweets. Full tutorial HERE.

Is there anything as American as apple pie? (I would argue, yes, absolutely... ever heard of hamburgers and, hello!? George Washington!? I digress...) For those looking to stick with tradition and pie however, click HERE to learn how to make those cute lil pies on a stick and other adorable yet classy 4th themed items.

Like all good Americans, I love potatoes and mayonnaise, so it should come as no surprise that I'm endorsing preparation of a decadent potato salad to accompany your burgers and dogs. THIS bacon ranch recipe looks pretty freakin bananas, but here's the whole darn Pinterest "potato salad" search result because how on earth was I supposed to select just one!?

Since looking adorable is an essential part of your July 4th festivities (and overnight shipping puts the world of patriotic fashion just a click away!) here and here are some great suggestions for getting all chic, red, white and bluey!

I pledge allegiance to the patriotic sangria. Anyone else want to cheers to that!?

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  1. Cheers and I love those cute pies on a stick :) Brilliant! xoxo