Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it!

On the lookout for summer goodness!
It has been ages since I threw one of these your way and I have several Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it items worthy of a share. Perfect for summer and of course Merry Meri approved, let the listening, reading, making and loving good times roll!! (And to check out previous Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it posts, click HERE).

* Hear It
Leon the Great!
Every so often we are blessed by the rise of a musician whose voice and sound are something golden and "of another era", while simultaneously seeming fresh and new. Leon Bridges is that artist and his debut album, Coming Home, out today, is music to my soul-loving ears. Hailed by many as the next Sam Cooke, Coming Home is the very definition of soulful easy listening, perfect for a relaxing summer night with your honey or a long Sunday drive. At just 25 years old (and being very easy on the eyes!) here's hoping Mr. Bridges is hear to share his gift for many years to come!

* Read It
One More Thing - read this book!
Thanks to a brilliant little comedy called The Office, we all know that BJ Novak can write funny stuff, but his new(ish) book One More Thing, stories and other stories is truly a smile-inducing delight. Novak's collection of short tales is at times laugh out loud funny, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable. I'm only half way through the book and I've already re-told (and read aloud) several of the stories and begun pushing the book on friends and family. For a good mood-making summer read, grab One More Thing and enjoy. (ps- Novak's kids book The Book with No Pictures is adorable and a huge hit with my lil niece too!) 

* Make It
I am totally guilty of snapping lots of great Instagram pics and then doing nothing with them after I upload to my feed. Here is a list of 10 ways to actually use your Instagram images, all of which are pretty freaking easy to execute. From a calendar and magnets to prints and books, each of these companies makes uploading and creating straight from your Insta account a breeze and the end results are beautiful products you'll be able to touch, feel and enjoy in real life!

* Love It
If you're are a fellow NYC'er, this map is sure to crack you up. So true.

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  1. I'm totally getting that book! Sounds awesome. Thanks, love. xoxo