Thursday, June 18, 2015

Games I don't know how to play.

Missed the boat on this one...
Ed. Note: I could spend this post explaining the all-consuming 3 days of work which prevented me from posting earlier this week, or I could muse about something (hopefully!) more interesting. In my poll of one, I voted for the latter...

In life, there are certain games I feel like everyone knows how to play. As a kid you learn Tic Tac Toe and Candy Land. If you're my age, you probably learned solitaire on the computer. You got older and someone showed you checkers, then black jack and a whole host of other "classics" followed. But what happens when you get to be a certain age and you somehow never learned!? I, for example, have no idea how to play chess, am clueless about poker and even though I think I know the rules of sudoku, I've never actually tried playing it. 

And the worst thing is that I'm pretty sure it's too late. Nobody wants to teach a (nearly!) 31 year old how to play poker and I think I have to wait until I'm 65+ (and also studying bridge!?) to try again for chess (though I already have visions of fellow seniors laughing me off the chess board!) Oh well, I guess these are simply games I don't know how to play!

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