Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

Learn how to make your very own banana potty HERE.
Today's a crazy one so I'm serving up your distractions fast and furious. Enjoy!

* I don't usually like putting sweet stuff in my salad, but holy moly does this look delicious!
* Because nothing bad can come from combining cotton candy and champagne (AmIRight!?)
* Mastering the elusive bang braid!
* As a chronic orchid bloomer-turned-killer, I might have to give this method of encouraging a re-bloom a try.
* I think I'm going to procreate just so I have tiny toes to put in these amazeballs sandals.
* Everything you need to throw a totally adorable popsicle party.
* Who's up for a trip to Hong Kong for pizza and a movie!?
* This would totally have been today's post header image, but even I have a sense of decency..! click HERE for your inappropriate humor image of the day.

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