Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hump Day on Delay...

a very witty Disney store employee
Keepin pretty busy over here but not so busy that I'm going to skip over sharing some of the goodies I've scouted out around the web. Because no matter how crazy your day is, you probably need to see pandas loving going down a slide, a walrus working out and something interesting to skim-read on the toilet. AmIRight!? Happy Thursday everybody!!

* How to outsource your life - everything from at home beauty treatments and personal chefs to someone who will actually run your errands for you!
* Because you've always wanted to see a walrus workout (the leg-lifts at :40 and 1:05 sit ups at are my personal favorites)
* I sure do love you Shel Silverstein.
* I'm a little nervous about this announcement. What about Mary Murphy and the hot tamale train!? 
* GDub love for life (college friends really are such special friends... want to come over and nap!? hehe)
* Well don't you look tasty and healthy!!
* What turning 30 means in three extremely accurate charts.
* These pandas are having pretty much the best day ever.

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