Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

Is this only funny to ppl who come from a family of dentists?
Perfectly timed to break up my vacation recap/photodump, here are some hump day distractions for your reading, viewing, eating and enjoying.

* This first grader's compassion and kind heart is probably going to make you cry (you've been warned!)
* Superbowl food you must eat and decor/theme ideas you're going to love.
* All you need to create these sassy (ikea hack) bookshelves are some thumb tacks and cool fabric (click through the pin to CupOfJo to read exactly how they were created... ps I want to live in that apartment:) 
* In case you were wondering just how much moolah (sp!?) you need to make to officially be a part of the 1% 
* Through the eyes on an NYC toddler
* I am a HUGE Ghostbusters fan, but I'm not sure how I feel about THIS.
* This is one of the best family shows on tv (in my humble opinion!) and I'm really sad to see it go.
* Because every car needs an "insane mode" right!?
* If you are a fan of Humans of New York, you've probably heard about THIS amazing campaign, but if not, you should get up to speed (and maybe make a donation!? No amount is too small)

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