Friday, January 23, 2015

When in doubt...

Amazing pun to start your weekend right.
... just share something funny and amazing right? In case you hadn't guessed by the sparse posting this week, work is in beast mode at the moment, but I shall survive and so shall you. It's Friday B*tches! woo! Here to keep us entertained (without too much thought or effort) is this video, which is freaking hysterical:

Also, THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS I'VE HEARD IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!!!! (all caps and many exclamation points to clearly convey my insane excitement). I had Freezy Freakies as a kid and I loved them so damn much. I remember them clearly and I also remember how I liked to put them in the freezer sometimes during non-winter months, just so I could see watch them change. 
If you know me and love me, you will buy me a pair of these gloves.

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