Monday, January 12, 2015

Globe Me.

Yes Ladies. (Wish we saw more of you last night!)
Yaaaaay for awards show season and for last night's Golden Globes to 1) ease my case of the Sundays 2) give me some guidance on movies I must see/shows I should be watching and 3) judge celebrities based on their fashion sense. Overall I thought the Golden Globes were standard awards show fare, though Amy and Tiny seemed seriously underutilized. Maybe because the show ran long some of their bits got cut? I thought George Clooney's sappy tribute to his new/true love Amal was adorable,  Gina Rodriguez (from Jane the Virgin) gave the most shocked/sincere speech of the evening (or maybe it was a tie with the amazing Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey?) and Jeremy Renner's reference to co-presenter J. Lo's "globes" scored the best candid laugh. Now on to the important stuff...
* The Movies
Because I am an award's show season movies junkie, I have already seen and loved Boyhood, Grand Budapest HotelWild, Selma and The Imitation Game. All of them were excellent (and the 1st 3 extremely unique) and I highly recommend them. Previously on my list and now confirmed as must see are Birdman, Theory of Everything and Inherent Vice. And thanks to the Globes, I've added Big Eyes(Amy Adams for the win!) Foxcatcher (Steve Carrell is that you!?) and Cake (who knew Jennifer Aniston had range!?). Also, if you haven't seen the HBO movie The Normal Heart (staring Golden Globe winner (and eternally sexy) Matthew Bomer) grab a box of tissues and hit up your HBOGo. It's Powerful and Wonderful.
* The Shows
Last night introduced a few shows I'm (somehow) not watching and maybe should be. The first is The Affair on Showtime. I have been intrigued by the commercials for this show, but it looked heavy and emotional so I passed. May have to rethink that and get my OnDemand on!! Jane the Virgin was cute when I watched the series premiere, but then I kinda forgot about it. Hello Netflix!? And finally, I suppose we need to say Hello Amazon because their original show Transparent was all over the place last night, including wins for Best Comedy (whoa) and Best Actor for the amazingly talented Jeffrey Tambor who apparently plays a trans character on the show. I am intrigued!
* The Fashion
There's always WAY more fashion than I can cover in a reasonable length post, but here are some of the big hits and misses from last night according to yours truly:
This look, for me, is flawless. It's unique and risky while remaining classy and chic. Julianne Moore has a body a woman of any age can be jealous of and she knows how to dress it. Kuddos for combining metallic, ombre and feathers and making it look good!!

I love this dress. It is simple and high class, but the shade of teal and fabric detailing make it just interesting enough to stand out. Plus, Felicity Jones (Theory of Everything) picked the perfect hairstyle and jewelry to complete the look.

Another less is more look for the win! Ava DuVernay (Director, Selma) chose a perfectly curve hugging navy gown which had a cape/train along the back from the shoulders. It looks so classy, the color pops against boring black and her accessories and hair are perfection.

It ain't easy for a man to make the best dressed list because the gents don't exactly have a ton of options, but Matthew Bomer managed to make his tuxedo look unique and stylish without seeming garish or showy. Tailored to perfection and the perfect shade of navy, Matt crushed it last night! (Runner up = Eddie Redmayne who also dared to be different and did it well!)
I want to cut Rosemund Pike (Gone Girl) some slack because the woman had a baby just 5 weeks ago and looks AMAZING, but why this dress? Why something that almost creates love handles and is giving you no boob support!?

Keira Knightley's Chanel birds and butterflies gown could have been weird and beautiful, but that neckline/hemline combo is just killing me. It's a doily explosion from another era. I also hate when a starlet's outfit make me wonder if she's pregnant but with tiny Kira and that poufy waistline, I'm wondering... 

Jane Fonda, we know you have an incredible body, especially for a woman your age, but what on earth were you thinking? The tacky cutout, the strange blood spatter on your sleeve..? Darlin, no thank you.

I love the show, but as has become the norm, I hate their fashion. I thought the entire cast of Girls wasn't looking their best last night from Lena's ill-fitting bizarre hemline, to Zozia' beige/pink color clash and Allison's overly busy Christmas outfit. No thanks.

Misc fashion commentary:
- I though Melissa McCarthy nailed dressing her figure in black tie for the first time (ever?)
- No no no. Yes yes yes.
Jennifer Aniston's hair did nothing for her not-all-that-interesting look.
- Kate Hudson you are so hot, but you should consider a classier, more fabric-inclusive look
- Katherine Heigl looked hungry
- It's not easy to stand next to George, but Amal did a great job except those white gloves which could have been amazingly old Hollywood, but instead looked baggy and cheap party store.
- I can't decide if I love or hate this look on Sienna.

For a full list of the 2015 Golden Globes winners, click HERE.

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  1. I totally agree, Julianne Moore looked stunning and Boyhood - wow, what a film! Have a great day, darling.