Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuning back in.

Time to tune in!
I am proud (probably too proud) to share that while on vacation, Dr. H and I watched television a grand total of 1 time. That's right, the television addicts who brought you posts like THIS and THIS went 7 of 8 days without their beloved boob tube. Now there are a few explanations beyond our lack of interest that I should disclose: 
#1- for the first 3 nights of our trip, we stayed somewhere without a single tv on the premises. Not in the room or the lobby or anywhere. It was kinda awesome.
#2- We don't speak Finnish or Danish (which limits your tv options in Finland and Denmark). 
#3- Dr. H and I are "tv show watchers" not "tv watchers" meaning we rarely turn on the tv as background noise or to mindlessly flip through the channels. We're either watching a program we love (see #2) or not turning the thing on.
Given all that, we certainly should have watched less tv, but I'm really pleased with just how little we actually did. We turned on a tv just once, when we were back in the room after a night out and fell asleep to Tom Hanks being adorable in The Terminal (#Random).

But ENOUGH of THAT!! Now we're back in NYC where the evenings are long and cold and the winter hiatus of shows is nearly over. Thank goodness. I mean, Sunday night's premiere of Downton Abbey was pretty much the only thing that kept me from spiraling into a deep end-of-vacation depression. Click HERE for a full list, by day, of all the winter premiers, from Mindy, to Modern Family, Parenthood, Girls, Shameless, Parks and Rec and The Americans... By the end of January, my DVR will be overflowing with options and our vacation induced tv-hiatus will be a distant memory. 

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