Monday, January 26, 2015

Juno it's snowing right?

current situation (3pm Monday)
Hey-o friends and lovers from snowy snowy NYC! Dr. H and I are hunkered down at home today and probably tomorrow as well (yay home office co-worker!), with a stocked fridge and a fresh supply of sweatpants. We're used to snow here, but not usually feet (plural) so all bets are off on how this goes down (good thing we've got Netflix and HBOGo #essentials). Later this week I've got some awesome winter vacation photos and a recap to finally share, as well as a review of the insane food moment I had at Parm on Saturday night, but until then, here are some essential tools for weathering this winter storm!

Hurry! Go grocery shopping right now and buy all the ingredients you need to make this delicious recipe. A little bit healthy (spinach!) and a lot a bit warm and filling (pasta! cheese!!) I'm excited to try this substitute-greek-yogurt-for-cream pasta dinner. Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE.

No better time to try out a new hairdo than on a day when you're stuck indoors with time to kill (and nowhere specific to be!) I love this sassy ponytail not just for its effortlessly chic look, but also because it looks truly simple to execute. Give this style a try today (I know you've got nothing else to do!)

Stuck inside with kiddos for the next 48 hours? Click HERE, HERE, HERE (free printables!), HERE (recipes), HERE (snowman snowday party anyone!?) and HERE for some recommendations on how to make the most of/survive your snow day. 

Because you're clearly going to need something for dessert after that spinach artichoke pasta dish and an exhausting day of snow-related crafts, here's a Braided Nutella Bread. Pin it HERE, full recipe HERE. (PS- want to make this idea so easy it's silly? Swap the dough recipe for a Pillsbury pre-made can of crescent rolls or other "bun" dough!!)

PS- I wonder if I'll be able to convince the hubby to head outside and play with me later!?

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