Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

Winter Weather Humor.
Hello Wednesday, aka 3rd work day of 2015... how are y'all fairing? I am hanging in, trying to maintain my vacation zen while attacking work and coping with jet lag. I stayed in bed, in and out (mostly out) of light sleep from about 4:45 to 7am today before finally giving in, getting up and getting to work (the love/hate relationship with working from home continues). I probably should have exercised, but it's 20 degrees outside right now so let's take this 1 undesirable task at a time shall we!? No matter what timezone you're functioning in, here are some goodies from around the web to help us get one day closer to the weekend. Enjoy!

* An adorable, free printable 2015 calendar!
* That time a young man thought he could out-muscle Gaston...
* And while we're talking Disney, did you know that President Grant from Scandal was the voice of Tarzan!? Find out what all the princes look like HERE.
* Turns out the queen size bed just might be what's making Dr. H and I happy!
* Coming soon to my slow cooker.
* Assuming we trust the internet and this is real, this Grandfather is a hero.
* Say hello to your new 3-ingredient chocolate lover:)
* Working hard on THIS.
* Adorable-overload = a baby panda enjoying the season's first snowfall.

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