Friday, January 30, 2015

A love story.

Who knew that googling "I love my printer"
would yield such a perfect image result!?
Last night I realized that I haven't told you all about my newest love affair. Ladies and gentleman.... I am in love with my printer. That's right, my printer. You see, Dr. H and I haven't had a printer in our home for almost 5 years and it's never mattered much because we both had access to one at work. Sure we had occasional "why don't we just buy a printer?" moments, but generally we were fine. Then I decided to work from home.

For nearly 5 months, for reasons I cannot entirely explain (that warped laziness where you're too lazy to do something you know deep down will actually make life easier?) I did not get a printer for my home office. Then, a few weeks ago, I was in the neighborhood of the best photo/video/printer/gadget store on the planet (fo reals) so I marched in there and came out a changed woman. For a price waaaay cheaper than I was anticipating (why did I think printers were like $250!?) I can now print papers and pictures and annnnything I want and I can do it wirelessly and I can even do it from my PHONE! As in I can snap a picture, print it and have it in a frame on my wall in approximately 90 seconds (haven't actually timed this process, but I'm sure it will eventually happen). Plus the printer is so small! When did they figure out how to make printers small!?

Now I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm crazy (I am), because this technology is not exactly new, but I was behind the times in printer world and man how it has changed!! (I imagine I'll have a similar experience when I someday purchase a car, 5+ years since I last owned one... which had a tape deck). So here's to being surprised by the awesomeness of a new gadget and to marveling at how something like a printer can unexpectedly brighten your whole day. (I think I'm going to ironically print this blog post).

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