Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hump Day Delay - Halloween Edition!

Candy Corn makes me DANCE (or is that just the sugar!?)
Friends, lovers, ghost, ghouls and goblins... Today is National Candy Corn Day! HEEELLLZ YES! My most favorite seasonal treat (seriously. No, SERIOUSLY) is celebrating its greatness on the eve of my favorite holiday so it's pretty much orange-colored sugar-fest over here today. (#GoodthingIhaveDentistsinmyfamily) Since I didn't manage to make a Merry Meri appearance yesterday, I thought I would combine my hump day collection with my carefully curated food and drink inspiration for Halloween. 

* Because you've always wanted THIRTY different candy corn related recipes
* Do you know who BatDad is? BatDad is the man. Check him out in action HERE.
* 13 incredibly cool recipes for Halloween HERE... and in case that endorsement doesn't get you clickin, check out visuals of a few of my favorite edible creations:

* How about 31 last-minute Halloween hacks from the always reliable Buzzfeed? (some of them are really good!)
* 25 Halloween inspired cocktails to make sure your night is plenty BOOzy.
* Pretty sure my favorite thing about having a little kid is going to be dressing them up for Halloween (also, THIS). 
* Because humans aren't the only ones who can get into the Halloween spirit:
Click HERE for more DIY animal costume amazingness.

I cannot even handle this little dude's cuteness (and I'm so glad he's ok!):

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