Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Fashion

Absolutely autumn chic.
This weekend's weather left no room for doubt that autumn has in fact arrived. Crisp air and chilly temps had everyone reaching for their closed toe shoes, leather jackets and pumpkin spice lattes which means it's about time that I chimed in on the latest fall trends! Here for your reading pleasure is a bit of what I'm seeing out there and how I feel about it.

* Ankle Boots
A bootie for all ankles....
Booties, booties, booties... if you have not already caved in to this trend, it's time to get on board because the ankle height boot which arrived last fall doesn't appear to be going anywhere! Whether you're considering a wedge or a heel, I think the key to rocking this trend is actually the height and shape of the top ankle side of the shoe. If you are not as leggy-inclined like myself, consider silhouettes that slope down or are lower in the front (HERE, HERE, HERE) to elongate your legs instead of something that cuts your legs off more squarely (HERE, HERE, HERE). And for a few helpful tips on how to handle cuffing your jeans with ankle boots, click HERE.
Merry Meri Verdict - There's a bootie out there for you. Find it and embrace the trend!

* Leather Accents
Add some edge with leather
One undeniable trend this fall is leather/pleather accents on all matter of clothing. I've seen it everywhere from Banana to Loft, from leggings to work dresses. A little leather is clearly the "it" fabric for this fall. I love this trend as a way to add some edge to an otherwise professional or casual look, but it's important not to go overboard. Stick to accents that pop your outfit up a notch (like this shirt or this shirt, this dress, or these leggings!) or go all the way with one leather piece (this skirt, these pants) and keep the rest of the outfit more understated.
Merry Meri Verdict - Get your leather on ladies!!

* Wrap Coats
Wrap it up!
This fall trend may have limited utility (once the chillier temps hit, having an open neck/belt-only coat may not be warm enough) but how cozy do those coats look?! For wrap coats, finding the right style at the right price point is probably key, and adding volume in a warm fall shade looks gorgeously chic. Some options at various price points HERE, HERE, HERE and of course my (unaffordable) favorite of the bunch HERE.
Merry Meri Verdict - Shop saavy, consider a bolder color, get it girl.

Other looks I love that seem to be sticking around from last year - layers and leggings, chambray shirts, utility jackets and big plaid scarves.

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