Thursday, October 2, 2014

What day is it? (no, seriously)

Shut UP with this cuteness.
Do you want to know how out of it I am this week? I am so out of it that I spent literally all day yesterday thinking that it was Tuesday. Like posted a non-hump day post and bookmarked links that would be "good for tomorrow's hump day post" and only realized it was Wednesday when Modern Family and Nashville started recording on my DVR around 9pm. That's right, my ability to navigate the days of the week is now officially dependent on television programming (#shouldIbemoreembarassed?). So here, on a one day delay, are some delightful distractions from around the web. Here's hoping I don't get ahead of myself and think tomorrow is Saturday and forget to post...

* Wise words to remember.
* There is such thing as a "meatball sub cupcake" and THIS is how you make it. YES.
* Frogs. So many hungry frogs. (thanks Mom!)
* So I pretty much want one of everything from this Etsy store...
* I really like everything I've seen of the new ad campaign from Under Armour, but especially this spot with Gisele.
* A refreshing and unique take on the value of having a stay-at-home parent in your family.
* No one can tell Dr. H about this... NO ONE!!!
* Gotta love a good smart ass.

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