Monday, October 20, 2014

Homemade Halloween?

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I write this as I take a break from one of 3 “sewing” projects that I’ve got going. I say “sewing” because while what I am doing involves taking two pieces of fabric and joining them with needle and thread, I am doing so in an incredibly crude and amateur way (7th grade home ec for the win). My mom did give me her sewing machine, and boy is that a fear I need to conquer. So by hand is how I do.

star wand in progress.
My little girl has opted to be a pink sparkle flower star fairy (inspiration image here, she enjoys the PBK catalog, just like her momma). Homemade tutu and star wand are under way. She is so so excited about it, and that makes me so happy. Little Mister is still an age where he actually has no clue what Halloween or costumes are. So I figure this is the time to have fun with it. We were thisclose to having him be The Dude, but Harry Potter prevailed. I’m working on a fleece Gryffindor scarf (thank goodness it doesn’t have to be very long).

How do you do Halloween? Do you use what you’ve already got? Do you find an inspiration image and get supplies to bring it to life? Do you go to Party City and get the whole kit and caboodle taken care of in one shot? I see benefits to all paths. There are times when you want to be what you want to be, and store-bought is the easiest, and surest, way to get the complete vision. There are times when a mix is in order. Like Potter for instance. I’m making the scarf and wand. I bought a little black cape and a gray and scarlet sweater vest from a local kids consignment place. There’s just no way to DIY that stuff (with my skill level at least). 

I think the same can applied to most anything – homemade vs. store-bought…food especially. It comes down to what you have the time, skill, energy and enthusiasm for. (do you like how I ended that with a preposition? I’m 30 and I still don’t know how to avoid that…7th grade language arts, not for the win) Do you have certain things where homemade is an absolute priority? Other things that are just as good off the rack?

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