Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween Week!

Yesterday I rode the elevator in my apartment building with a tiny dragon. While walking through the park I passed a baby bumble bee. On Saturday my Instagram feed was filled with costumed pups on parade. Ladies and gentleman... Halloween is almost here! Somehow the black and orange love of my calendar year snuck up on me and now we're just 4 days away from All Hallow's Eve and I've barely said a peep (errr candy corn?) about it!! Do not despair, I've got your inspiration a'plenty from last minute costumes to recipes and decor. So gather your pumpkins and call in the ghosts, it's Halloween Week on Seek to be Merry starting with all the dress up inspiration a last minute reveler could need. Now get ghoul-ing!

Pop Sugar has a list of 20 last-minute costumes for those of you that still don't have a clue what to be. Click HERE for inspiration that will be sure to get the laughs (my personal favorites are the spider, candy wrapper and tourists, though "Nickelback" is pretty damn witty)

Because who doesn't love a good pun, HERE are some pun-tastic costumes courtesy of BuzzFeed. I personally almost went for the "Shooting Star" (kick it up a notch like this) and the "Pig in a Blanket".

So Jordan of OhHappyDay is pretty much the Queen of adorable kids costumes of the DIY variety. And while these are no doubt perfect for the wee one in your life, most would also be perfect in the full-grown version. Check out great unique costumes like UFO, Urkel, Sound of Music, all things Hipster (these are pretty great!), sailor, butterfly, iconic musicians (x2) and more over at OhHappyDay. (For the full collection of "homemade halloween" posts from Jordan, click HERE).

And finally, Ms. Conrad's blog has an awesome little collection of feminine and chic last minute costume ideas, including, quite coincidentally my very own Wednesday Addams inspiration! (Though I love that pineapple idea and do have a bright yellow dress!!)


  1. Aww..I love the Moonrise Kingdom costumes :) They are so adorable! Have a fantastic Halloween week, sweetie. xoxo