Monday, October 13, 2014

If you buy one new thing this fall...

Get it girl!!!
... buy THIS sweater! Seriously. Buy it. After 2 weeks of aggressive browsing and window shopping (literally, I went in and out of stores, perused online sales and noted what I saw during my strolls through NYC) this weekend I went on a much anticipated fall/winter shopping adventure (God I love to shop! #IgotitfrommyMama). I have 3 outstanding purchases to tell you about, but the most important one is definitely the sweater:

In the 3 days that I have owned this magical piece of clothing from Anthropologie, I have already worn it twice and I can tell that I'm going to have to resist the urge to wear it or maybe I won't even bother... it's that comfy, cozy, warm, pretty, chic and faaabbbulous. On Saturday night I dressed the cape-esque sweater up with leather pants and wedges while on Sunday it was accompanied by army green khakis and my Toms. This sweater can do it all, so based on my "the more you use it the more worth the investment it is" philosophy, this sweater is a five star purchase!

Want a pair of adorable flats at an oh so adorably affordable price!? Want them in black or tan or pink or turquoise (or red or grey or fuchsia!?) I got you girl!! Check out the Steve Madden Heaven Patent Ballet Flat from DSW, currently priced at a wallet friendly $39.95. I am on my second pair of these flats, the first of which lasted 2 years (which I consider a home run for flats!). They are comfortable and dress up any outfit with their patent leather shine! 

Lastly, I must confess that I finally took the plunge yesterday and this Converse loving gal has finally purchased a seasonally chic pair of cute Vans. Much like my beloved Chucks, Vans run about $40-60 and are a stylish way to look cool but still be actually wearing sneakers! I went for THIS awesome pair currently being sold at J. Crew which were on sale over the weekend for $45 (so don't pay full price!). These will be a great alternative to my white Chucks and hopefully just as versatile and comfortable.

So now you know my fall must have(s). One chunky, cozy sweater and flats galore. What are you wearing that you couldn't live without these days!?

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