Thursday, October 9, 2014

On the hunt...

Nothing says romance like a... luggage tag?
You guys want to know a secret?! Since I know he doesn't come around here very often... errr, ever (unless I shove my phone in his face or read a post aloud!) I am gonna just spill the beans that I have NO CLUE what to get Dr. H for our anniversary. Our 3rd anniversary is comin' in hot (next week!) and I'm totally stumped. Each year we try to take a trip together as our official anniversary gift to ourselves (HERE and HERE), but we nevertheless also exchange small "surprise" gifts, often of the sentimental variety. Since small, thoughtful gifts are kinda my specialty, being completely inspiration-less this late in the game really has me panicked!!

For the past 2 years, I've used the traditional anniversary gifts list, giving a custom designed notebook filled with "365 reasons why I love you" for our first "paper" anniversary (oh the time I had back when we were still newlyweds!) and for our second "cotton" anniversary, Dr. H got a t-shirt personalized with our #babeitup slogan on the sleeve (obviously we have our own hashtag #becauseImaddictedtohashtagging). For a third anniversary, the gift is supposed to be leather, and since Dr. H doesn't need a wallet or watch, I don't want to buy him a belt (what am I, his grandmother!?) and leather in the bedroom ain't our thang (#zeroshadesofgrey), I'm completely stumped. I've been literally wandering in and out of stores - clothing, gadgets, leather goods, everything - hoping the right item will find me. It hasn't. So I need your help my creative, merry friends!! Tell me what I should get Dr. H for our third anniversary that incorporates leather (faux is fine!) and I will forever be indebted to you... Because we've got to get through leather before we can get to next year's so-easy-it's-a-joke "Fruit/Flowers" (I've already got SO many ideas!)


  1. A leather and metal money clip for those time he doesn't want the whole wallet? A new passport case? A monogrammed leather toiletry bag? A leather kippah? Just some thoughts that came right to mind :) Good luck, happy shopping and Happy (almost) Anniversary! Where ya goin this year??

  2. The monogrammed shaving kit is a good idea! Or maybe leather gloves for the winter? Or, this a link to a place with stamped leather keychains. Maybe do the latitude/longitude for when you first met or got married?
    Good luck finding the right gift!

  3. Leather iPhone case? Or maybe that's just your thing? Leather notebook or journal with something nice written inside? Sweet pair of cool (leather) shoes he'd like but wouldn't normally get for himself?

  4. Oh I have the best readers!! Big thanks to all you ladies for sending some inspiration my way - now I have to get shopping!! xox