Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Perfect costume for your favorite ginger?
You guys.... YOU GUYS. I'm pleased to report after yesterday's post that you absolutely must read The Book Thief (if you haven't already) and then see it in theaters when it comes out November 15. The story is touching, the cast, cinematography and score stirring and the lead actress 13 year old Sophie Nélisse? Flawless (loved Geoffrey Rush as well). It's gonna be an awards season contender, I promise. And other than that... guesss whhhhattt dayyy it is!?? Guess what day it is!? Here to help you hump the day is a heaping pile of internet distractions. Enjoy!

* THIS is Disney-tastic, Chicago-lovin, absolutely freakin BRILLIANT. 
* Made it, ate it, loved it. Merry Meri and Dr. H tested and approved.
* Do you live in the state that matches your mood. Apparently I'm best suited for... gasp... Georgia!!!
* You've heard of Elf on a Shelf, but how about Mensch on a Bench!?
* So THIS looks completely terrifying...
* Dressing to impress really matters don't you think? (via CapHillStyle)
* Sad, true, eyeopening. A powerful ad campaign brought to you by Google and UN Women
* I'm really into these bags (via CupofJo)
* The celebs are Halloween-ing in full force. Who do you think dressed to impress?
* THIS guy. OMG this guy.

And with the big day being TOMORROW, here are a few last minute ideas to get yourself Halloween ready.

A Bloody good manicure!
Pin it HERE; full site HERE

a "handy" craft for the kiddos
Pin it HERE; full site HERE

Monster Apples, Creepy Chili, Spider Web Soup, Spooky
Smoothies and other Easy and Fun Halloween Recipes
Pin it HERE; full site HERE


  1. Giggle, the top image is so funny and the nails rock. What a brilliant idea:) Off to check out your links now. Muah, lovely. xoxo

  2. Glad to provide giggles and inspiration Diana! Happy Halloween :) xox