Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Vintage Kardashian. Distractingly funny.
Welcome to Wednesday my merry friends!! Here we are in the middle of a warm and sunny fall-ish few days here in NYC, so let's savor the day... and then get over it and cruise straight towards the weekend!

* So yeah, I'll take every single one of these please.
* You know I try not to get political up in hur, but this time I'm blaming the press (just as much as the politicians).
* Dr. H just scored a GoPro from his awesome wife (ehgm); anyone have an eagle he can borrow?
* Doritos crusted chicken fingers... I sh*t you not.
* There's something kinda romantic about train travel, no?
* This is freaking amazing and completely (COMPLETELY) disgusting.
* What's going on in NYC this October? Click HERE to find out.
* This Ikea hack is pretty sassy.
* Want to be happier? Do some of THESE things.

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