Monday, October 14, 2013

Une vie á plein bord.

Bonjour my merry friends and a most sincere apology for leaving you all on your lonesome at the end of last week... I had fantasies about finishing up the last two F.I.T.S. posts once connected to wifi abroad, but vacations sometimes need to be vacations from everything and sitting at a computer was just not part of my itinerary. I hope you can understand :)

Today I'm back, and struggling, I think as we all do, to put vacation behind me and a normal day-in-the-life Monday in front of me. I miss the French countryside air, spending hours each day on a bicycle, that magical Parisian elegance and also... where is the fromage?! After 8 nights in France I can tell ya a thing or two about good fromage. #insanelyluckygirlproblems

As I dive back into the ordinary and reflect on my time away, a quote I discovered at the Rodin Museum in Paris (Rodin being a most favorite artist of mine) really stands out. He said, "une vie á plein bord" which translates to "a life full to the brim". I think this is an apropos mantra for a girl who writes a blog focused on happiness and really for any of you out there who also "seek to be merry". I think, if we make it our goal to fill our lives to the brim, hopefully with wonderful things, but also with struggles and hard work, we can finish each day with a unique sense of contentment and personal pride. Our victories will be more joyful, our power to overcome challenges more obvious and our love for people and places more fulfilling. Because to me "full to the brim" isn't necessarily about a jam packed schedule or constant thrill seeking, but more making sure that at the end of each day you know you threw it all on the table. Maybe all Rodin was saying was the Frenchy elegant version of "give it your all", but whatever, I like it and I'm in. 

More pics and a full run down of the Dr. H and Merry Meri Tour de France coming soon, but for now let's get back to our 31 days of Halloween!!! It's a Q-Tip Skeleton!
Click HERE for the full instructions from Alive & Mortal on this simple and kid friendly holiday craft!

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