Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Days of Halloween

October has arrived, my first batch of beloved candy corn has been purchased (and consumed) and my Pinterest feed is bursting with seasonal inspiration... Halloween, my friends, is nearly here!! Which got me to thinking - you peeps seem to LOVE all things autumn and Halloweeny just as much as I do, so why should Christmas be the only holiday with a whole month-long calendar's worth of fun!? Today Seek to be Merry is officially kicking off the 31 days of Halloween, a month-long orange, black, costumed and pumpkin spiced celebration of my most favorite holiday (July 4th is a close second:) Each day, in addition to my regular posting, I will share a seasonal goody with you, everything from decor ideas to recipes and costume inspiration. It will be boo-tiful:) And since today is technically the 3rd day of 31, no tricks, just 3 treats to kick off our month!!! 

Trick or Treat!!
Since your front door plays such an important part in all the Halloween festivities, why not get it dolled up for the occasion!? Last year I suggested THIS mummified version, but if something a bit more monstrous is your preference, here's how to get the look courtesy of

Snap, crackle, boo!!!
A seasonal sweet treat that's beyond easy to make in bulk? Yes please! These pumpkin rice krispie treats (with tootsie roll stems!) via Food, Family and Friends are perfect for Halloween parties of all ages and will be sure to score smiles.

Everything's coming up roses!
How awesomely adorable is this costume?! Ladies, 1 quick trip to your local craft store (and possibly also home depot for the plastic planter) and you're ready to go. All you have to do is cut out the bottom of a large plastic pot, affix two thick straps (I'd use a staple gun and something rubbery and durable like a theraband) and go crazy with the fake flowers and glue gun. Add a floral hairband for an extra ounce of awesome!

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