Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 days of Halloween

Just 9 more days until Halloween!!
Stopping in real quick to throw some Halloween goodies at ya... it's been a nutty morning. I think I'll blame it on the 10 minutes I spent preparing and chugging my lemon water :) Either way, Happy Halloween-y Tuesday!

So these are kinda gross looking, but also really awesome. Unfortunately the pin doesn't link to instructions, but I'm going to deduce that they're something like "slice a raw hotdog as seen in the picture; wrap in stringy strips of pre-made crescent dough; bake until light brown." Seems about right..! I think your kiddos need some mummy dogs in their life this Halloween!!

Another seasonal item perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving and everything in between. These adorable acorns are super easy to create and make for a bite sized autumn treat! Click HERE for full instructions from Gracious Rain or HERE to pin it.

Isn't this mustache o'lantern just the cutest thing? Even easier than carving, click HERE for full instructions from The Swell Life or HERE to pin it. (PS- where can I find white pumpkins!?)

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  1. Oh my goodness, how brilliant are those mummy dogs? I LOVE them and the pumpkin made me go awww...Kisses and hugs, darling.